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1.Locate the center of the strap. The center of the strap has the largest plastic tube around lt, protecting the strap from fraying.

2.The tube around the center of the strap should go around the bow of your boat, so that the strap itself does not touch the sides of your boat.

3.Pull each of the two sides of the strap toward the center of the boat, making scre you keep the straps as tight as possible.

4.With the triangle facing the front of the boat, weave each of the sides of the straps into the slots in the triangle. Start by pullng them under the triangle, through the siots and over the triangle, through the slot in the front of the triangle, and then under the triangle back through each slot in the back of the triangle (see diagram for clarification).

5.Fully extend and lock the aluminum support pole, twisting the pole dockwise should lock each segment into place.

6.lnsert the pole into the bottom of the triangle. Tension from the straps will help keep the pole upright, so be sure there is no slack in the straps to the bow of the boat.

7.Take each strap and pull over each side of the back of your boat. Adjust the length of the strap using the plastic adjusters, and make sure that the plastic reinforcemnt touches the side of your boat, and not the strap.

8.Making sure that the straps are at a length that will be tense, hook the straps to your boat trailer. The tension of the straps should hold the triangle upright, and should keep the cover supported.



Boat Cover Support System Installation Instructions

1. Position the strap center point over the bow of the boat. The protective sleeves should be positioned so that the strap does not contact the front edges of the boat.
2. Pull the straps evenly over boat 
3. Weave the straps through the triangular support piece in an under-over-under pattern, so that the straps lay on the top of the support
4 Insert pole into the triangular support piece and raise the pole to it's highest point. Twist the pole sections to loosen and to tighten
5. Hook the ends of the straps on the boat trailer or edge of the boat
6.Adjust the straps evenly so that the straps will be tight and the pole will stand upright 
7. Carefully pull the boat cover over the straps, so as not to push over the pole. The pole may need to be adjusted in height for each individual boat cover

Boat cver support strap system installation diagram
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