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Don't  let too much sun cut your boating day short! 
Our Bimini Boat Tops provide lots of refreshing shade while affording  you visibility over your windshield instead of just through it. These  tops are freestanding, providing more air circulation, and can be mounted  in several locations on the boat.




Remember: The combination of height and length determine how much shade your bimini top will provide.

Don’t forget: The width depends entirely on your boat.  You must use a measuring tape to ensure the correct fit.


Step 1: Determine the length of bimini top needed

Step 2: Determine the width of the bimini top: Measure from mounting point (where top attaches) on one side of boat to same location on opposite side of boat (not the same as the beam of the boat or boat width) Widths of the Bimini BoaTops are specified in increments of approximately 6"; since the aluminum frame has a degree of flexibility, it can safely be mounted over widths that vary slightly. Choose the width that most closely matches to your mounting point measurement

Step 3:  Determine height: From mounting location, measure straight up with a tape measure for the correct top height.

2021 Sunbrella Colors Done copy.jpg

100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz


Highly UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading and rot. Extremely water repellent. Excellent sun blockage.  (10 Year Warranty)

2021 7.6 oz polyester color options copy.jpg


7.6 oz Solution Dyed Polyester


100% Solution-Dyed marine grade polyester.  7.6 oz., 600 x 600 Denier.  Colors are part of the polyester fiber itself so the color goes completely through the fiber instead of being just on the surface.  100% Polyurethane finish coating.  Excellent UV and mildew resistance.  Excellent resistance to fading and rot.  Excellent sun blockage.  Excellent water resistance.  Excellent against cold-cracking.  Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape.  (7 Year Limited Warranty)


7oz Urethane Coated Polyester 


Solution Dyed, Urethane coated, Marine-grade polyester. 7 oz, strong and durable. Provides the very best performance in strength, color fastness and UV stability. The durable fabric’s urethane coating makes for superior water repellency. Made in USA. (2 Year Warranty)

7 oz ultima is solution dyed -- meaning that the yarn is dyed prior to the weaving process, meaning that the color will stay bright and vibrant for years. This material has urethane coating on the underside that makes the fabric greatly water repellant. The polyester material is a synthetic, so mildew & mold will not attack it like it will natural fibers. Perhaps more importantly, it has less than 2% stretch, so it will not sag & bag (with the wet/dry cycle) as acrylics do.

6.25 oz Acrylic Coated Marine Grade Polyester 


100% Acrylic Coated, Marine-grade polyester.  6.25 oz, strong and durable. UV and mildew resistant. Extremely water repellant. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. Made in USA. (2 Year Warranty)

Camo new.jpg

6.8 oz Marine Grade Polyester 


 An excellent choice for the avid hunter or for the boater that simply likes camouflage. 100% Marine-grade polyester. 6.8 oz, 600 x 600 denier, strong and durable.  Exceptional tear strength, excellent UV and mildew resistance.  Extremely water repellent w/ durable water repellant (DWR).  Excellent resistance to fading and rot.  Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape.  (3 Year Limited Fabric Warranty, 5 Year Limited Frame Warranty)

600 Denier.

The material is made of rugged 600 denier polyester. It is Waterproof and specially coated for long term UV protection so the fabric will not shrink or stretch over time. 1 Year Warranty. 

Weatherproof Vinyl 14 oz with charcoal denim backing Waterproof, all-weather finish. Resistant to dirt, grease and mildew. Excellent sun blockage Easy to handle, fold and store. Made in USA. (5 Year Warranty)

14 oz/sq-yd white marine vinyl. This material offers the OEM look and a time proven record as a marine fabric. The vinyl also is easily cleaned and incredibly strong.

Questions and Answers about Bimini Tops


Don't let too much sun cut your boating day short! 
Our Bimini Boat Tops provide lots of refreshing shade while affording you visibility over your windshield instead of just through it. These tops are freestanding, providing more air circulation, and can be mounted in several locations on the boat.




We offer a wide variety of bimini top options that are sure to suit your needs.

Bimini frames are available in widths from 54” to 103” and come in a round tube 2 bow, 3 bow and 4 bow styles.

We offer different frame heights to allow you to choose the best top to accommodate your required use. Canvas tops are available in several different fabrics.  Each fabric grade is offered in a wide variety of colors.



There are several things to consider when selecting a bimini top that is best for you:

Determine what part of the boat do you want to shade? Is it primarily the cockpit or passenger area? Do you want the bimini to fold flat when not in use? The combination of height & length determines how much shade your Bimini Top will provide. Think about how you use your boat & what you want to shade; for example, if you want to shade yourself and your children in the back, you probably want the longest Bimini available in a medium height. If you are out fishing by yourself most of the time, you probably want the smaller, taller bimini to provide shade but allow you to walk and maneuver under the top. If you are a skier or wake boarder, you need only shade the driver & spotter, so a short, lower bimini is in order. Keep in mind that the mounting point you choose will impact the size of frame you need and the shade it will provide and which part of the boat will get shade.


Determine the Width: The width of the frame depends on the location of the mounting point. Keep in mind that the points you are measuring between will be the mid point of your Bimini top’s length. To find the width needed, determine where do you want the frame to mount? Do you want the frame to be inside the gunnels? On top of the gunnels?  Width is the measurement from the mounting point of the top (where top attaches) on one side of the boat, to the same location on the opposite side of the boat. Simply measure the widths between the points where you will be mounting, measure across your boat from gunnel to gunnel (side to side) at the location where you would like the bimini top to be mounted. This is not the same as 'beam width' or boat width.  Widths of the Bimini Tops are specified in increments of approximately 6"; since the aluminum Frame has a degree of flexibility, it can safely be mounted over widths that vary slightly. Choose the width that most closely matches to your mounting point measurement.

Length: After you selected the mounting point and determined the width, then the length of the top will determine how much coverage the top will provide.  

Our Bimini tops come in lengths from 5’ to 8’.   Decide how much of the cockpit area do you want to shade? Keep in mind that mounting point lelected will be the mid point of your Bimini top’s length.  To measure the length of bimini top on the boat without existing bimini top divide the length of bimini top you are planning to purchase by 2 and from mounting point chosen before add half of the length to the front on mounting point and half of the length to the rear of mounting point.  If you have an existing bimini top on the boat and you only need a replacement fabric, open the frame and measure on top of it the total length needed.

HEIGHT: Decide how tall do you want the bimini to be. Determine the primary use of the bimini to select the proper height of the frame. 36” Bimini frame is Low Profile. 46” frame is advised Universal use. 54” frame is for Walkthrough/ Standup purposes.  Some people want to be able stand under their Bimini as this is how they drive their boat. Others would like to enjoy shade while seated. Simply measure to the height that will work best for you. Remember, you will have less shade as you go up in height.

Measure height straight from selected mounting point up while standing on the deck to get a feel for how much room you will have once the bimini is installed Bimini frames come in different height options. Keep in mind that the overall height and inside clearance of the top will be dependent on your choice of mounting point. 


Where to Mount The Top:

Based on the length of the top, determine the center (mounting point) and be sure that you are locating it, where shade is most desired.

See where the top will lay down against the gunwale (when folded down); to be sure it doesn"t interfere with seating etc.

Determine which type of mounting hinges that will best suit your application. Depending on the bimini either Both horizontal & vertical deck hinges or universal hinges that can be mounted vertically and horizontally are included with the top

The top comes with all necessary marine grade, nylon mounting hardware and is designed to be mounted on the body of the boat, not windshield. If you prefer to mount it on the windshield, please contact us for windshield mounting information before the purchase. (Different sizing of the bimini will be needed for windshield installation and windshield adaptors have to be purchased).

*To install bimini on the windshield, drilling through it will be required. It can damage the windshield. We strongly recommend to have professional installer to complete this project and we can not be liable to any damage to your windshield.

For Ease of Mounting :

Pre-Drilling the holes for deck hinge mounting is required. Drilling into Gelcoat is best done with a sharp drill at lower RPM Take care when fiberglass is penetrated, not to allow the bit to drop too far into the gunwale. Another tip to help ensure that you don"t crack the gelcoat edges when installing the screws, is to put a slight bevel on the drilled holes.

When installing the attachment screws, apply some clear (or white) silicone RTV to the holes this will provide a water tight seal under the deck hinges.


For a Good Looking Fit:

Have someone help when determining the location for the eye straps (follow drilling hits there also) for the tie down straps. The straps should be placed as far out as practical so that the top spreads out when the tiedown straps are tightened, but be sure that there is enough adjustment in the straps to loosen & tighten.

Tighten the adjustment buckles on the straps until the top is taut and does not sag. Adjust the bow straps (under the top between the bows) by pulling the adjustment buckles, so that the center bow is approximately 2" higher than the front & rear bows. Step back & look at the top. If it does not appear centered on the frame, pull the top to the side & center it, front & rear.

If you still have some sagging, try tightening the tiedown straps some more. It may be easier to have your helper gently pull down on the four corners of the top while you apply more tension to the straps. If you still have sagging, repositioning the "C" bow may be necessary. Loosen the set screw on the back of the c-bow jawslide & raise the jawslide 1"-2" & retighten the set screw. Repeat for the other side of the top moving the same amount. Once the bow is repositioned, retighten the two bow straps from underneath.

These steps should ensure the proper adjustment for the best function & best looks for your top.


What type of Mounting Hardware Options do I have?

1. All of our Tops ship standard with Black nylon 66 mounting hardware. (jaw slides, eye ends, deck mounts etc.)  These fittings are high density, non-corrosive and offer good strength and light weight.

2. The option to upgrade to stainless steel fittings is available. (extra charge). Please check bimini top accessories page.  Stainless Steel fitting offer the ultimate in appearance and function.

We also offer stainless frames

When you order a stainless steel fittings upgrade, the pieces that are replaced with stainless are the jaw slides, eye ends, and deck hinges. While stainless fittings are an excellent Bimini top upgrade, the nylon fittings are also of high quality and should last for years to come.


Do I have to mount the Bimini top on a flat surface?

You can mount your bimini top of the gunnel, on the outside of the boat, etc.

Rail mount adaptors are available upon request (extra charge), which are made to allow you to mount the Bimini top on a railing.

Windshield adaptors are also available upon request (sold separately).  (Different sizing of the bimini will be needed for windshield installation).

*To install bimini on the windshield, drilling through it will be required. It can damage the windshield. We strongly recommend to have professional installer to complete this project and we can not be liable to any damage to your windshield.



Are there other Options and Accessories that I may desire for my Bimini Top?

1. Stainless Steel Fitting upgrade or Stainless Steel Frame.

2. Support Poles: As a rule our Bimini tops come standard with front and rear hold down straps. However, a brace kit (also referred to as metal “bimini top support poles”) can be purchased to replace rear straps. Keep your Bimini Top up, off the gunwale with a pair of bimini Support poles. Use the poles to replace the rear straps and keep the top in a fixed position when not in use. Poles are available in an adjustable version, that allows various positions for the top; or a fixed length style that keeps your Bimini in a single upright location. Note poles should not be used to replace the front straps and speeds should not exceed 35 mph..

If you choose to go with the standard straps, these are easily unhooked to allow the Bimini to lay down. You simply unhook the hold down straps from the connection points on the boat, and your Bimini top will lay right down. If you choose to go with support poles, you will need to either unscrew the braces each time, or install quick release pins for easier removal. Quick release pins are also located in our bimini top accessories section.

3. Slide Assemblies: This option allows the bimini to be re-positioned (when folded down against the gunwale) either forward or to the stern from its normal mounting point when in use. This may be desirable to move the placement of bimini behind seats or to a more out of the way location when down.


I have a tower on my boat. How can I install a bimini top without drilling into my tower?

We offer Bimini tops for boats with towers. These Bimini tops are made to mount to the tower itself. There are 2 types available: Bimini tops that have to be drilled into the tower or bimini tops with clamps.They will clamp onto the tower legs, so there is no need to drill into your tower.

How do I mount a Bimini top on my inflatable if I don't have a rigid surface?

We offer a special kit for mounting Bimini tops that will be affixed directly onto an inflatable's Hypalon or Vinyl/PVC. Most inflatable boats have a rigid surface that you can drill a Bimini top's fittings into. For those that do not, we offer this special mounting kit that basically allows you to superglue the Bimini top to the inflatable. This kit includes all the hardware that a regular Bimini would include. However, the pieces (deck hinges and eye straps) that attach to the boat are affixed onto patches. These patches are made to be applied to the boat using the specialized glue that comes with the kit.
I have a pontoon boat. I see Bimini tops that are offered in "square tube" or "round tube". What is the difference?
We offer pontoon Bimini tops in both round and square tubing. Your decision on round vs. square tubing should be made based on the type of railings you have on your boat. Most all pontoons come with square railings. Our square tube Bimini tops are made to match the square tubing on your pontoon boat

I have a pontoon boat and need a Bimini top. You list a few types- what is the difference?

We offer pontoon Bimini tops in either square or round tubing. The tubing is made to match the railings on the boat. As most pontoons have square railings, square tubing is most commonly ordered for pontoon Bimini tops.
 In case you are mounting this on a deck boat, or an unconventionally styled pontoon with round tubing, we also offer the option of a round tube Bimini top.
Square tubing is 1" in diameter. Round tubing is 7/8" in diameter.
Our square tube Bimini tops come in different sizes and with different features. Most of square tube Bimini tops will come with a free rear brace kit. Square tube Bimini tops for pontoons are offered in heights of 48", 54", and 60", and in lengths of 8', 9', and 10'.

Square tube Bimini tops come with the option of having a light cut-out added. Bimini tops with light cut-outs come with zippers installed at the bows so you can remove the canvas easily without taking off your Bimini top.

Free standing pontoon Bimini tops are also offered. This type of Bimini top does not have either straps or a brace kit to hold it up in the front, so it is considered "free standing". This makes it easier to maneuver while fishing. Free standing tops are offered with or without a cut-out for a running light. Zippered sleeves are available to allow easy removal of the canvas.

Double pontoon Biminis are available. These are designed for pontoon boats 22' or more in length. The double Bimini is essentially 2 8 foot long tops which zip together in the middle, creating a 16' canopy. Front and rear braces are included with the purchase of a double Bimini.

We also sell buggy style Biminis for pontoons. These are going to have tails of material at the rear on either side that come down off the canvas and clip onto the boat.


What is the difference between a regular Bimini top and a Super Sport Bimini top?

Super Sport Bimini tops are made specifically for low profile ski boats and runabouts. The main difference in this top is that it can be cut down further than our standard Biminis.
Most of our tops can be cut down only about an inch or so- up to the first jaw slide. The Super Sport Bimini top can actually be cut down from 35" to 30" to give the Bimini top a lower profile, sleeker appearance.

What does 2 bow, 3 bow,4 bow mean?

Bimini tops come in 2, 3 and 4 bow styles. The bows of the Bimini are the parts of the frame that go from side to side over the width of the boat. Bimini tops come with either 2, 3, or 4 main bows.
2 bow Bimini tops are the smallest offered and are mainly for shorter Jon style fishing boats, v-hull fishing boats, and inflatables. We offer 2 bow Bimini tops in a height of 42" with a canvas 5'6" long.
3 bow Bimini tops are by far the most common Bimini ordered. This style of Bimini is recommended for V hull runabouts, ski boats, performance boats, and most center consoles. Most 3 bow Bimini tops are 6' in length.
4 bow Bimini tops are the largest tops we offer. This style of Bimini is reserved for a larger boat such as a pontoon or deck boat. Canvases on 4 bow Bimini tops will be either 8', 9', or 10' in length.

What is the Frame of the Bimini Top made from?

Our Round Tube Bimini Top frames are a combination of ¾" OD x .058" wall thickness (centers) and 7/8" OD x .058 wall (A,B,C Bows) Bright Dip Anodized, drawn aluminum tubing.  The anodizing process treats the surface of the tubing to protect from oxidation and provide protection from the harsh marine environment. The drawing process is secondary to the extrusion process and adds hardness (strength) to the tubing and provides additional dimensional stability. Aluminum is the chosen material for the frames as it has a high strength to weight ratio. All of our frames are designed as "knock-down" frames; meaning that the frames are made up of sections that snap together via double-sided snap buttons. This design provides for a UPS- able package and also allows the customer to disassemble the top for more compact off-season storage.

Frame Options:

2 bow, 3-Bow or 4-Bow: This refers to the number of bows that make up the frame.
2-Bow Aluminum frames: designed for use on small basic fishing boats and inflatable sport boats and dinghies 3-bow for the 4 Ft and 6 Ft length tops and 4-bow for 8 footers.
Full Frame: The bows and centers are made from a single piece of tubing. This provides a slight improvement in frame strength (minor clearance required for snap button design) and reduces assembly and installation time. Disadvantage is that full frame Bimini tops require truck shipment at great additional expense.
Stainless Steel Full Frame: Same design as Aluminum full frame, except the frame is produced from 302 polished stainless tubing and includes stainless steel mounting hardware. These frames are much heavier and significantly more expensive than aluminum; but are sometimes desirable for salt water applications.
Pontoon Top Frames: frame is knock-down design, but made from 1" square aluminum tubing, to match the aluminum playpen railing used on most OEM Pontoon Boats.



How easy is the Bimini top to remove once installed on the boat?

Our Bimini tops attach to the boat in 3 places on each side. The main attachment point (at the mounting point) is the deck hinge. In front and back of it (on each side) there will be hold down straps or rear bimini support poles (sold separately). The deck hinge (mounting bracket) uses a screw to attach the Bimini top to the boat. By replacing this screw with a quick release pin (sold separately), you can easily remove the Bimini. Simply unclip the front and rear hold down straps, then remove the quick release pin.

The front and rear hold down straps may be replaced by a brace kit. If this is the case, you would need to insert quick release pins into the brace kit's deck hinge. This will allow for easy removal of the top. We have quick release pins available in our bimini top accessories section.

Can my Bimini top lay down flat?

Bimini top can be laid flat by unclipping the front or rear hold down straps. This will allow you to use a boat cover without fully removing your Bimini top. If you have replaced your hold down straps with a brace kit, you should simply use quick release pins in place of your screws. To let your top lay down towards the front, simply release the back hold down straps or brace. To let your top lay down towards the back of the boat, just release the front hold down straps or brace kit.


When I lay my Bimini top down, where will it land on my boat?

When your Bimini is not in use, you can unclip the front or rear hold down straps and lay it down in either direction. When you lay the top down, it will become longer than it is tall when it's standing up. This is because of the way that the metal bows nestle together. If you intend to fish on the boat with your Bimini top down, or you have other equipment stored in your boat, this could be a concern with space. Below we list each Bimini top height, and how long that top will be from the mounting point to the top of the canvas when it is laying down flat in your boat.
42" Tall (5'6" Long) Bimini Top- 62 to 64" long when laying down
30" Tall (5' Long) Bimini Top- 50" long when laying down
36" Tall (6' Long) Bimini Top- 55" long when laying down
36" Tall (8' Long) Bimini Top- 60" long when laying down
46" Tall (6' Long) Bimini Top- 65" long when laying down
48" Tall (8' Long) Bimini Top- 74" long when laying down
54" Tall (6' Long) Bimini Top- 68" long when laying down
54" Tall (8' Long) Bimini Top- 80" long when laying down
60" Tall (6' Long) Bimini Top- 74" long when laying down
60" Tall (8' Long) Bimini Top- 86" long when laying down


Can I replace the fabric portion only on my Bimini top?

As a rule, our Bimini top canvases will only work as replacements on frames that are made by the same manufacturer.
However, we do offer a more generalized replacement canvas for pontoon Bimini tops that will work with frames made by different manufacturers.
Replacement canvas is made for pontoon Bimini tops 48" or 54" high and come in lengths of 8', 9', or 10'. The canvas is made to fit a Bimini top that mounts to the boat between 91 and 102". The replacement canvas will come with zippered sleeves so you can easily fit it to the frame without removing anything. It will come with a cut-out for the running light.

*Storage boots do not come with replacement canvases and must be purchased separately.

Can I remove height from my Bimini top?

Some of our  Bimini tops can be cut down, but not very much as a rule. You can cut the top down up to the first jaw slide, which is usually only about an inch or so.
The exception is the Super Sport Bimini top and the 46" high Bimini top. The Super Sport top can be cut down from 35" to 30", and the 46" high Bimini can be cut down 10" for a final height of 36".

How fast can I go when your Bimini top is deployed?

Carver Bimini tops can be safely used and deployed going at speeds of up to 35 MPH. If you would like to go faster with your top up, we recommend thru-bolting. Do NOT trailer your boat with the Top up! 

How do I thru bolt my Bimini top so I can go faster than 35 MPH with it up?
The first step is, if you have nylon fittings, to replace them with stainless steel. If you have stainless to begin with, you can obviously skip this step.
Next, you would simply thru-bolt the connection points of the Bimini to the boat- the front and rear eye straps, and the deck hinge. To do this, you need a longer bolt that goes completely through the fiberglass and extends to the underside. We recommend adding an extra washer and nut for stability and security
Lastly, you should check the top for stability- make sure the front of the top is angled downward. If it is not, you can pull the front hold down straps tight to change the angle. As always, you should check all straps and fittings for tightness before using the Bimini.
Thru-bolting your top will allow you to go at speeds of up to 45 MPH with the top up. *Be aware of the wind and adjust your speed accordingly. When trailering your boat, your Bimini

My year isn't listed. How can I choose the correct Bimini top?

If the manufacturer of your boat is not listed, you may search by bimini dimensions. From there, you may choose the size of bimini top that will best fit your needs To determine what size you need, we need to know the width between the points where you would like to mount the Bimini to the boat, the height you would like the top from the mounting point up and the length of the bimini top. You can easily measure the width between mounting points, your desired height and length, then choose your size.
You may also call us 877-470-3757  9am-5pm EST and we will gladly help.

The size listed for my boat is not the size I wanted. What do you recommend?
We recommend relying on your own dimensions(make sure to measure correctly). With the option for different mounting locations, it is likely that where we recommend you mount your top may be different from where you intend on mounting it. This is fine as the bimini top can be mounted in different mounting location.

What do the abbrevations mean in your listings?
BR - Bow Rider or Bow Rails ( for cuddy cabin boat styles)
CC - Center Console or Cuddy Cabin Boats
DC - Dual Console
EXTD SWPF - Extended Swim platform
FOOTPRINT - The distance between the tower feet
FS - Fish & Ski
JP -Jack Plate
I/O - Inboard/Outdrive Motor
O/B=OB - Outboard Motor
PPF - Poling Platform
SC - Single Console / Side Console
SF - Ski & Fish or Sport Fish
TM - Trolling Motor
TWR - Ski Tower
W/ BR - with Bow Rail
W/ SWPF - Covers Swim platform
W/ WS Tower - with Watersports Tower
W/O SWPF - Without Swim platform Coverage
WAC - Walk Around Cuddy

If you see any additional abbreviations that aren't clear or you have any questions, please call us, toll free, at 1-877-470-3757  9am-5pm EST Mon-Fri

Will the Bimini top be sent to me put together (pre assembled)?
Bimini tops are not sent fully assembled. Assembly is easy. All tops are sent with instructions, and we have helpful videos online.
While we do have the option of sending the tops fully assembled, an extra charge is involved as the top will have to be sent on a truck. Unfortunately, regular UPS and Fed Ex are not able to accept the Bimini tops when they are assembled because of their large size, so we send them via freight truck. This shipping is more expensive by freight truck. If you still prefer to get fully assembled bimini top, please contact us for shipping rates. If you are ordering a fully assembled Bimini top, please ensure the delivery location is sufficient for a freight truck to access.

 Can I pay extra to get my product here faster?
Yes.  Please give us a call at 877-4703757 to ask about our expedited manufacturing and shipping services.

Is this an OEM product, same as original bimini top supplied by boat manufacturer?
This is an aftermarket product.  It will not be exactly the same as the original (OEM) bimini top.

How long will it take to receive my product?

These items are made to order.  Production takes 3-10 business days (lead times may increase during peak season) to manufacture, and then your bimini top will ship to your door via UPS.

I live outside of the continental USA.  How do I order if your checkout page doesn’t give me the option?
For customers who live in Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere else, you must contact customer service by phone or Ebay message prior to your order.  If you are international customer, please contact us locally at 386-283-5955 (9am-5pm EST) or simply send us a message through contact us link. We will advise you in International shipping costs.

Will I be responsible for International customs and duties fees if the package is shipped internationally?
International Customers: All customs duties including: taxes, fees, and all extra charges are the customer's responsibility and will be collected by the carrier upon delivery. Please consult your local customs office before placing a purchase for rates.



All of our bimini tops are easy to wash. For a light hand wash, brush off any loose dirt and spray with a water hose. Dilute a mild liquid detergent, like Woolite, in cold to lukewarm water and lightly cleanse your bimini top with a sponge or gentle brush.  Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.  Finally, rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.  Allow your bimini top to air-dry.  NEVER place a bimini top in an automatic dryer.

For a deeper clean, such as to remove stubborn stains or mildew, use a large commercial washer and set it to a "delicate" cycle to avoid causing any rips or tears in the fabric. Using an at-home washer is not big enough to clean your bimini to properly. When washing your bimini top, we recommend using a delicate soap such as Woolite. Do not wash your bimini top in hot water, as this will cause shrinking. Finally, to preserve your bimini top’s water resistance, we recommend running it through multiple rinse cycles.

Once your bimini top is washed, DO NOT place the bimini top in an automatic dryer, as this may cause damage to the fabric.  We suggest air-drying your cover at all times.

These are recommendations and all cleaning products and methods should be tested on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the original stain/soiling.

DO NOT use a scrub brush. DO NOT put into the washer or dryer. DO NOT use bleach or harsh astringents. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND. Line dry.

How do I clean my Bimini top after using it in saltwater?

After each use of the Bimini top in saltwater, you should clean it by hosing it down to remove all traces of saltwater off the frame. You can clean your frame with a good car chrome polish and follow up with a fiberglass wax. Make sure to stay away from cleaners that contain chlorine or powders/pads that are made to scour, as this will cause scratching of the metal. You can use a commercial grade rust remover on your frame as long as it is made specifically for aluminum.

Warranty Information:


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