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Instructions: Pontoon Boat Cover

This large cover will be easier to apply with two people.
Be sure to secure all straps, ropes and elastic cords before transporting your boat. Failure to do so could cause the cover to come loose and will invalidate your warranty.

1. Cover any sharp points or corners with a piece of cloth to avoid stressing or tearing your boat cover when it is stretched across your boat.
2. Drape the boat cover over your boat with the end marked “FRONT” at
the bow.
3. Pull your cover down below the rub rail around the entire boat.
4. Attach the fitting straps (A) dangling from the bottom sides of the cover to the trailer frame by taking each strap down under the trailer frame rail then back up to the corresponding insert buckle at the edge of the cover. Snap the male end
of the strap (A) into the buckle. After attaching all the remaining straps adjust the their length to secure your cover in place.
5. To secure the transom flap, first locate the adjustable cover side panels (B) and wrap them
towards the center of the boat. Secure them in place by hooking the hem elastic cord hooks (C) together. Cinch the D-rings
on the adjustable side panels together using the two provided hooked elastic cords.
Fold the transom flap (D) over the side panels (B) and adjust the transom flap (D)
6. Adjust and tighten as necessary for your particular boat. Before driving always check that all straps, ropes and hooks are tightly secured. We recommend that after the first mile of driving that you recheck your cover.

Care and cleaning

Spot clean with water, and mild soap and a sponge. Don't use abrasive cleaners or brushes.
Be sure your cover is dry before storing it. If you store your cover when it's wet it can be damaged by mildew.

A handy storage bag is provided to store your boat cover in. If you wish to store your cover for an extended period, be sure that it is completely dry before storage.

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