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Use and Care:

Before covering your boat.
1. Remove or Firmly tie down detachable accessories, such as auxiliary motors, ladders, spotlights, navigation lights, ski brackets, etc.
2. Pad sharp edges, corners, or projections, the easiest way is to wrap old towels or pieces of carpeting over and around protrusions. If necessary, these pads can be taped firmly in place.

3. Please take extra care when trying your boat cover on the first time! Should you need to return the boat cover, it MUST be clean and free of debris (including pet hair). Soiled, wet, mildewed, torn or otherwise mishandled covers cannot be accepted for exchange or credit.


Tying Down the cover:
The snugness of the cover is the single most important factor for insuring trouble free boat cover life. Each and every tie down loop must be securely tied to either the boat or the trailer using rope, shock cord or straps. (Note: If tying off to the trailer, the boat MUST be rigidly fastened to the trailer). Before tightening, the cover must be properly supported and padded.

Supporting the cover:
Large open areas such as cockpits and open bows require support to keep the cover from sagging and allowing the water, snow, ice to pocket. Use boat cover support poles, bows or slats, or other apparatus to create a ‘tenting” effect and eliminate pockets from forming.

Cleaning the cover:
Wash Boat covers with mild soaps. Use a garden hose to rinse dirt off. Never use harsh chemical cleaners or solvents on your cover. Covers that are not in resale condition (dirty, wet, soiled, mildewed, etc.) will NOT be accepted for an exchange or credit.

Tying down the Cover:
The snugness of the cover is the single most important factor for insuring trouble free boat cover life. Covers that are not being used for travel may not require the use of every tie down point. Before tightening your tie down straps, the cover must be properly supported and sharp edges padded.

The best ways to tie down your cover for trailering:
1.Optional Quick-On Tie Down system can be purchased in our store: A unique new system that attaches to the cover easily, quickly, and securely.
2. Fabric Straps. ( roll of webbing straps is included in the package)

The best way to attach your cover to the boat for mooring/storage.
Optional Snaps or buttons can be purchased in our store and will require professional installation. Simply install fabric fasteners around the edge on the cover. For maximum strength, the fasteners should be in the hem above the shock cord. Be sure that the cover is snug and correctly positioned before installing fasteners.



1. Prior to placing the cover on your boat, remove or firmly secure detachable accessories on your boat. (i.e. lights, seats, etc.)
2. Pad sharp edges, corners, or projections. If using support poles (optional, but very recommended), position the poles under your cover prior to completely covering the boat.
3. Carefully unpack the cover and keep it free of dirt and other contaminants in case you need to return the cover for a different size.

Wash Boat covers with mild soaps. Use a garden hose to rinse dirt off. Never use harsh chemical cleaners or solvents on your cover.

Covers that are not in resale condition (dirty, wet, soiled, mildewed, etc.) will NOT be accepted for an exchange or credit.

4. Place the cover on the boat, starting at the bow working toward the rear of your boat. The cover will have a tag sewn to the underside indicating the “bow”.










5. Tighten the draw rope (custom covers only) or align shock cord (in semi- custom covers) in the hem of the cover below the rubrail on the boat and secure.

6.Adjust cover fit by pulling cover tight to eliminate sagging areas. Ifthere any any sagging areas on the cover, you will need to use a support pole or something handy to raise the cover up to create an angle for standing water to escape.

7. Using Tie Down straps, secure the cover to your trailer.

8. When not in use allow th cover to dry completely before folding for storage

Tying down the Cover:
The snugness of the cover is the single most important factor for insuring trouble free boat cover life. Covers that are not being used for travel may not require the use of every tie down point. Before tightening your tie down straps, the cover must be properly supported and sharp edges padded.


6.25oz Semi Custom Covers
There is a heavy duty shock-cord (elastic) into the hem of all semi-custom boat covers. This allows the customer to adjust the tension of the hem on the cover to the hull of the boat. Someone that uses their cover primarily for indoor storage may want to keep the tension slightly loose so that cover is easier to put on and off. The boater that trailers, docks, or moors their boat may want to adjust that tension very tightly so that the cover remains secure. The shock-cord adjustment is only required the first time the cover is installed onto the boat.

Once the cover is on the boat and has been positioned evenly bow to stern and port to starboard, adjust the shock-cord. In the stern section of the cover there is an opening where the cord is tied off (note that some covers may have that opening at the bow). Without untying the cord, pull both ends evenly and firmly. The cord will begin to tighten down against the hull. Keep pulling until the desired tension is achieved – note comments above. It is not unusual to pull several feet of cord out during this process. When the hem of the cover is at the same tension around the perimeter of the hull of the boat, tie a knot in the shock-cord to secure. Trim the excess cord; be sure that the tension is not greater than what you may need – once cut the cover can be made tighter but not loosened. Be sure the knot is secure before carefully cutting both ends of the shock-cord. As you use the cover for trailering, storage or mooring observe the hem area for proper tightness. Repeat above procedure if it seems that the cover needs to be more secure.

7.6oz, 9.25oz Semi-Custom Boat Covers

There is a heavy duty shock-cord (elastic) sewn into the hem of all semi-custom boat covers. Align shock cord (in semi- custom covers) in the hem of the cover below the rubrail on the boat and secure

Custom Covers
Custom boat covers arrive with 1/4” nylon rope sewn into the hem along with our patented Rope-Lock; quick tensioning and loosening device. (see instructions below) The rule of thumb is that you should secure the rope as tightly as possible, whether storing, mooring or trailering you boat. Note that you should not rely exclusively on the rope-lock to maintain tension – when tightened, always knot off the remaining exposed rope.

Rope Lock Instructions
Included with Custom Covers only.

Rope and rope lock.










Adjustable Buckle Assembly Instructions

The cover will ship with either a 10 pack starter kit of tie down straps, or an 80 foot coil* of tie down strap webbing. Depending on the style and size of the cover, you may need to obtain additional straps to utilize all of the tie down loops on your cover. If you are trailing your boat with the cover on, we recommend utilizing every tie down loop on the cover, which may require the purchase of additional tie downs from your retailer.

*Note – if you received an 80 foot coil, you will need to cut to your desired length. We recommend that you burn the ends of the cord with a lighter to prevent the cord from unraveling.

Thread webbing through adjustable buckle. Insert the end from the back- side of the buckle, through the middle opening on buckle as shown in the first picture. Now insert end of webbing through the bottom opening of the buckle (from the front side) and pull down until the strap is tightened securely as in the picture below.


Tips to prolong the life of your cover
• Pad sharp edges
• Use a Support Pole or Support System
• Install a Vent
• Make sure cover is properly secured when trailering, and check frequently during travel
• Do not let snow, water, or ice pool on the cover (Note: the warranty of the cover will not apply if cover is not properly maintained)

OPTIONAL Boat Cover Support System can be purchased in our store:

Extend the life of your boat cover by preventing wa- ter from pocketing. The system includes 50 feet of webbing, quick release buckles, a boat cover sup- port pole that snaps to the webbing, and two hooks to attach to the transom.

OPTIONAL Boat Vent can be purchased in our store














Newest in Boat Cover Venting & Support: Don’t let your interior suffer from mold and mildew damage. Proper ventilation can keep these boat destroying fungi from attacking your boat! The patented Boat Vent installs quickly and easily, with no screws or fasteners. The venting area provides for greater volume of exhaust air while closing the top to bottom gap - keeping water out! The Boat Vent II is manufactured from a superior grade poly carboninate blend material for strength and UV resistance and will accomodate either 3/4” or 7/8” support poles. Sold Individually.


OPTIONAL Quick-On Tie-Down Kit can be purchased in our store







Boat Cover TieDown Strap “QuickClip” - Holds even pressure on tie down loops - Makes for a simple and secure way to attach tiedown straps to boat cover. Works on all 1" webbing loops and buckles.
Attaches to almost any boat cover.

Durable quick release buckle.
• Sun resistant polypropylene webbing.
• Includes NEW locking
Quick Clip


OPTIONAL Trolling Motor Blade Covers can be purchased in our store:



Extend the life of your boat cover by protecting it from wear and tear caused by sharp edges on your trolling motor prop.

Optional Motor Covers can be purchased in our store:


Optional Reinforcement Material can be purchased in our store:

Protect your boat cover from sharp windshield corners, Bimini top hardware, and brackets for electronic equipment. Our reinforcement kit uses a tough vinyl material and a four ounce bottle of specially designed fabric glue for easy attachment to your cover. One square yard of fabric is supplied to reinforce all the possible areas on your boat



Optional Suction Cups for mooring purposes can be purchased in our store:



Optional Sand Bag MOORING kit can be purchased in our store:




Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my Cover?
Wash boat covers with mild soaps. Use a garden hose to rinse dirt off. Never use harsh chemicals, cleaners or solvents on your cover. Never place a boat cover in washing machine.

How do I support my boat cover?
Large open areas such as cockpits and open bows require support to prevent the cover from sagging and allowing water, snow, or ice to pocket. Use boat cover support poles, bows or slats, or other apparatus to create a tent effect to eliminate pockets from forming.

How to prolong the life of my boat cover?

-Avoid letting water or snow stand on the boat cover-use support poles, straps, or bows

-Always tie boat cover down securely

-Take Precaution of Padding windshield, trolling motor, depth finders, etc before installing boat cover

-Clean boat cover regularly to remove salt, pollen and environmental pollutants tht could support the growth of mildew. Brush off any loose dirt or soil, then spray the cover with a solution of mild, non detergent soap (such as Lux, Dreft, Ivory or Woolite) and cool/warm water. A soft brush may be used on heavily soiled areas. Rinse thoroughly. If Cleaning diminishes the water repellency of the cover, we recommend treating with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard(tm) Water Repellent.

-Allow boat cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage

6.25oz Boat Covers Warranty:
The manufacturer warrants its boat covers and bimini tops to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Custom fit covers come with 5 Year Pro Rated Warranty.
The limited warranty pertains to defects in material and workmanship only. Damage caused by improper use or care is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, accidents, or acts of nature. Covers that are allowed to pocket water or ice, come into contact with chemicals or tree sap, or Boat Covers that are not properly tied down or supported are not covered under the warranty.
Examples of damage that is not covered are:
Allowing water, snow, or ice to pool or puddle on the product.
Tear or rips caused by failure to protect the product from sharp objects.
Wind damage due to improperly tying down of the product.
Fabric discoloration of failure due to chemical exposure (includes tree sap, bird droppings, oil, gas…)
Mildew caused by dirt resting on the product, or the product being stored while damp.
Damage caused by acts of God.
Under the terms of this warranty, any custom boat cover or Bimini top found to be defective will be repaired or replaced, at manufacturer’s option. If minor repairs can return the product to useful service, it will be repaired at no charge. If the product is beyond minor repair, the cost of replacement ( a new product) will be calculated by subtracting the residual value of the defective product from the current actual retail price for the same item. The cover will be replaced at no charge within a 1 year period of time. After 1 year, there will be a pro-rated charge to replace cover if necessary. You will be required to send the cover back to us with a copy of your proof of purchase for the warranty to be honored. .When you call manufacturer for warranty authorization number (RGA)#, manufacturer will estimate the replacement cost of the product. This warranty is in lieu of all warranties, express or implied, and under no circumstances shall manufacturer be liable for any damages in excess of the boat cover’s or bimini top’s original purchase price.
All boat covers must be returned to manufacturer to qualify for warranty. DO NOT RETURN PRODUCTS TO YOUR DEALER. Proof of purchase must be included, no exceptions. Shipping charges to the manufacturer are the responsibility of the customer. Repaired or replaced items will be shipped back to the manufacturer freight prepaid. Before returning defective product, please call 800-628-5188 for a warranty authorization number. Products returned without RGA# will be refused, and the product will be returned to sender.
Manufacturer shall not be liable for special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of opportunity or business profits, business interruption or any other loss even if manufacturer has been advised of the possibility of such damages, nor for any damages or remedies not specifically set forth in this warranty. Manufacturer shall not be liable, in the event, for any damages in excess of the cost of the product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose shall not be extended beyond the duration of the express warranties herein. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.


7.6oz, 8oz, 9.25oz Boat Covers Warranty:

The materials and workmanship in 7.6oz, 9.25oz Boat Covers products are guaranteed to be free of defects at time of manufacture.

The length of the warranty is determined by the type of material ordered. Refer to the marine material chart below.

Warranty coverage commences on the original date of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, stains from environmental pollution and/or standing water, cuts from sharp objects, neglect, accident or misuse. The boat cover, PWC cover or bimini top must be properly installed, utilized and maintained.

Manufacturer. and/or seller provide this warranty in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Manufacturer and/or seller disclaim all liability for special, incidental or consequential damages.

Some states/provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state/province to state/province.

Warranty Claims: Call 864-457-5820 before returning product to receive a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA#)

Length of Warranty by Marine Fabric

9.25 oz ®

10 Year Limited
6 Months Free Repair/Replacement
37-48 Months: 50% off MSRP
49-60 Months: 40% off MSRP
61-72 Months: 30% off MSRP
73-84 Months: 20% off MSRP
85-96 Months: 15% off MSRP
97-120 Months: 10% off MSRP


7.6 oz Solution Dyed Polyester

7 Year Limited
24 Months Free Repair/Replacement
25-36 Months: 50% off MSRP
37-48 Months: 30% off MSRP
49-60 Months: 20% off MSRP
61-84 Months: 10% off MSRP


5.3 oz Polyester

3 Year Limited

Damage caused by pooled water may not be covered under these warranties. Always tie your boat cover down securely using a system such as our tie-down kit and avoid letting water or snow stand on the boat cover. Standing water and snow will degrade the cover’s water repellency and potentially cause mildew or premature leakage. To prevent this from occurring, we highly recommend the use of vented support poles, a boat cover support system, standard support poles or bows to raise any center areas so that water, snow and ice run off the cover.



Mildew Prevention and Treatment

No matter how carefully maintained, every boat is a target for a case of mildew. What causes mildew and what are the most sensible ways to prevent and treat it?

Mildew needs five things to grow and flourish: A food source, a temperature range comfortable to humans, moisture, darkness and stagnant (unmoving) air.
Break any of these and the mildew will have more difficulty growing.

Mildew is a form of fungus present everywhere in the world. It is a
primitive plant form that feeds on other plants and produces microscopic, seed-like spores that float freely. It takes dark, damp conditions to encourage their growth. Conditions just like those found on a boat.

Synthetic boat cover fabrics do not support the growth of mildew. Natural boat cover fabrics (those containing cotton) can support the growth of mildew, but such fabrics are treated with mildew inhibitors that will, with proper care, typically outlast the warranty period of the cover. However, dirt, pollen and other environmental particles that embed between the fibers of any boat cover fabric are gourmet fare for mildew and therefore, no boat cover fabric can prevent mildew from growing.

Since mildew is easier to prevent than to eliminate, the first concern should be prevention.

An essential boat-keeping chore should be a regular cleaning of the interior, especially prior to boat cover installation. Any form of dirt (from food crumbs to suntan lotion to pollen) can become a foothold for mildew.

Provide good ventilation under the cover. Utilize boat cover accessories such as vents which are invaluable in improving air circulation and allowing moisture from condensation to escape.

Mildew cannot survive in light and heat, so take wet gear out of your boat and spread it in the sun before stowing. Expose all sides to the sunlight and turn items like life jackets inside-out for full effect. Allow your boat to dry in the sun before installing your cover.

Silica gel and activated alumna are porous granules that absorb up to half their weight in moisture from the atmosphere and can be purchased inexpensively at hardware stores. Using a double thickness of nylon stocking as a container, hang suspended in the boat, under the cover. These products can be reused after drying for about an hour in a 300 degree vented oven.
Even the best preventative measures sometimes are not enough, and you have to rid your boat of mildew. Start with a complete cleaning of the boat’s interior. Avoid strong laundry detergents since phosphates are a
delicacy for mildew. Use low-phosphate soap for normal scrubbing and a mild alkali, such as washing soda or
trisodium phosphate for stubborn mildew. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly.

Most remedies rely on sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) to remove mildew. A good, strong, all-around solution is ½ cup household bleach per gallon of water. Do not use liquid detergents in combination with bleaches. Scrub the affected surfaces with a soft brush, using rubber gloves and eye protection. Rinse thoroughly.

For cleaning our boat covers and bimini top canvas, we highly recommend 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner which is safe and effective. Be aware that repeated cleanings can diminish the water repellency of certain marine canvas. To restore water repellency to factory-new levels, we highly recommend 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. For more information, please visit our website, or

Remember that anything used to kill or remove mildew will wash or wear away over time, so be prepared for repeated treatments as part of your maintenance routine.


Rope ratchet Instructions












Rope ratchet is sold separately unless noted otherwise at time of cover purchase.

If you purchased a boat cover with draw rope encased in the hem, a Rope Ratchet is a convenient and efficient way to tighten and secure the rope so that the boat cover stays in place.

The 1/4” rope in the hem of your cover is tied off on each end to prevent the rope from slipping back into the hem.

Untie one end of the rope. The ratchet casing is marked with an arrow showing the direction to thread the rope. Feed the rope into the bottom of the ratchet casing, around the gear and back out
through the bottom.

Insert the hook into the knotted (opposite) end of the rope and pull the loose end through the ratchet until the rope is taut and the cover is tight.
note! Take care not to trim too much excess from the loose end of the rope as it will be needed to loosen the cover!

To release the rope, press the thumb lever under the hook of the ratchet and pull rope in the opposite direction.


Installing A Carver Boat Cover with Tower Slots













Follow the steps on Page 1, adding the following steps:

2A - Locate the vertical hook and loop tape on each side of the boat cover and unfasten. Working back toward the bow, unfasten the hook and loop tower slots and allow them to hang to the sides of the boat, forward of the tower legs. Roll
the center of the cover back toward and over the stern. 2A

3A - Working from bow to stern, fasten the hook and loop tower slots around the tower legs on each side of the cover. Fasten the vertical hook and loop on each side of the cover.
4A - Tighten the draw rope in the hem of the cover using the rope ratchets provided. The ends of the draw rope are located
in the envelope-type pouches at the hem on each side of the cover. Refer to Rope Ratchet Instructions to tighten the draw rope. When draw rope is tight, close each pouch over the ratchet.

reminder: Always use a heavy-duty tie down kit (sold separately) to secure your cover when trailering!

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