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-Cover will not be returnable once customized

The measurement we would need is the depth measured from the back of the boat to the front of any motor cables etc.  We also need the width measured straight across from the same area. 


The idea is that we need to be sure we can clear any motor cables / wiring etc – so that is the dimension you are going for.  The dimension does not have to be taken of the entire motor well if there aren’t any cables/wiring in the entire span.  We don’t want the cut-out to be too small – but don’t want it to be too large either. 


From the provided information, our pattern department will take it from there and determine any additional material to remove from the area to make the cut-out so that it’s not too small.  The depth and width provided won’t end up being the exact cut-out size (the cut-out size will be larger), Ee are not asking to provide us with the actual “cut-out” size needed, just dimensions discussed above.

motor cover cutout forboat cover, facing aft
motor cutout area - closeup
Example boat cover with motor cutout
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